Ori and Kili in wet clothes for veraverorum
Ori and Fili as king and consort from an old fic of mine where they got together after Kili and Dwalin died in Bofa
Post! Bath Nori and Dwalin. Cuddles are very nice but Nori finds it difficult to brush his hair like this

I rewatched Prince Caspian recently, so of course I needed to have clever badass rodents

I’m working on a new story so behold, one of the characters, a fairy
She’s not the more colourful of her species. Another group of non humans call them the rainbow people due to their having skin and hair of pretty much any colour you can think of

Is this orilik, with Thorin being glad that his nephew found a good lover?
Is this orinshield, with Thorin being happy that is lover gets along with his family?
Is it a poly relationship where everyone is involved with Ori and happy like that?
I honestly can’t decide so read this as you want

Ori and Kili being fluffy babies
Dedicated to @salviag whose fic “Where lies the heart” has been a pleasure to read, and a true light in some of the darker days I’ve had lately uwu

I wanted to be a serious artists and do studies but it’s hard and boring and I’m shit at it /o/

Quick and silly Nwalin for asparklethatisblue who’s had a few rough days uwu

I am (not) okay, p13

Love is to be taken at its broadest here. This isn’t just a fear of romance. I tend to be afraid of friends the same way I’m afraid of people for whom I have a romantic interest.

And trust. Trust is a bet.

I’m not very good at betting.

I blame Veraverorum who gave me the idea

and my own brain because I apparently can’t resist kitties

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