veraverorum says I’ve been mean to Nori lately so I had to make sure he felt love and appreciated.

Fili volunteered uwu

If PJ kills my autistic warrior elf (as I still think he’ll do) then I will be one very cross little potoo

in an incredible fit of creativity, I present to you: emotional character seen from the profile

such creativity

much effort


Ori comforting Fili from the latest chapter of If you close your eyes

This fic’s official subtitle is “Middle Earth Needs Therapists”

patayoh's Peyton

Trying to get used to this version of Sai which is a bit different from the one I’ve used before, and also because I’m now on my own computer and tablet again

the boys and their baby /o/

I can post this now, because Kis’s hair colour is no longer a spoiler orz

Ori/Kili/Blue dress is my true OT3 uwu