Looking for a design for the Twins, characters who also appear in Iron Muzzle

they’re not really twins

But people somehow thing they are

More K’tarie from Iron Muzzle

playing with her skull’s shape to make her less human looking, and trying to figure out a better design for her muzzle

inspired by this lovely this: http://thecutestscribeoferebor.tumblr.com/post/82896041028/


And now I can go back to never updating this blog /o/

My grandmother asked for a drawing to go on her birthday menu….
I hate cities

Ori and Kili in wet clothes for veraverorum
Ori and Fili as king and consort from an old fic of mine where they got together after Kili and Dwalin died in Bofa
Post! Bath Nori and Dwalin. Cuddles are very nice but Nori finds it difficult to brush his hair like this

I rewatched Prince Caspian recently, so of course I needed to have clever badass rodents

I’m working on a new story so behold, one of the characters, a fairy
She’s not the more colourful of her species. Another group of non humans call them the rainbow people due to their having skin and hair of pretty much any colour you can think of